Chimera Jailbreak – iPhone XS, XS Max & XR (iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2) (TweakBox)

iOS users always face the problem of restriction while downloading third-party apps and games. This is due to the strong security policies of the Apple systems. As we all know, the Apple app store does not provide most of the third-party apps.

If you consider jailbreaking your iOS device, then it is time to change your mind as we have Chimera Jailbreak on iOS. It is an alternative that can be installed on your iDevices to get access to all the third-party, modded and tweaked apps on iOS. You no longer have to jailbreak the device. Chimera Jailbreak for iOS was tested and found to work properly. There are no bugs until now. As all the other third-party app installers were recently revoked, Chimera Jailbreak is the most suitable app for iOS.


Chimera Jailbreak on iOS 12-12.1.2  (UPDATE)

Chimera Jailbreak is supported on iPhone XS, XS Max, XR iPhone X, iOS 8 and 8 Plus, iOS 7, iPad Pro 3rd Generation, iPad Air versions and iPad Miniseries. Chimera Jailbreak is the safest way to get all the mods and tweaks safely on your device. It is easy to download a wide range of apps. Also, the speed of Chimera Jailbreak for iOS is amazing.


Chimera Jailbreak on iOS (TweakBox)

NameChimera Jailbreak

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Install Chimera Jailbreak on iOS TweakBox (iOS 12 – 12.1.2)

Chimera Jailbreak on iOS shows a great user interface. It is perfect for your iOS and shows excellent performance considering the download speed, connectivity, reboot, etc. It is a lightweight app. All it takes to get hundreds of third-party apps is to download the app installer. Chimera Jailbreak requires the help of TweakBox to install it on the iOS device. The installation process is given in the following section in detail.

Chimera Jailbreak offers you the option to jailbreak your iOS device without actually jailbreaking it. It offers you semi- untethered jailbreaking of your iDevice. You can get the app using TweakBox. It is a great app installer for iOS to get tweaked apps. Check out the installation steps given below.

1) First, you are required to go to the Safari Browser and navigate to the Download TweakBox App (LATEST). It is the download page to get TweakBox. Now, you need to click on Install option from this.

2) The installation will be done within a few minutes. You are required to open the Settings now. Scroll down and look for the Profile & Device Management option. From this, you need to enable Trust option for TweakBox.

3) Now you can open the app installer and search for Chimera Jailbreak using the Search bar.

Chimera Jailbreak on iOS Tweakbox

4) When the results show up, select the app and tap on the Install option next to this. This will begin the installation within some time.

Latest Chimera Jailbreak on iOS Tweakbox

5) When it is over, you are required to navigate to Settings. You need to open the Profile & Device Management option.

Chimera Jailbreak on iOS Tweakbox Download

6)You need to turn on Trust Chimera Jailbreak option and you are done.

Conclusion: Chimera  Jailbreak iOS 12 – 12.1.2 (TweakBox)

You can now open Chimera Jailbreak and hit the jailbreak button to enable it. Reboot the device and start using your iOS without restrictions. It is a safe and easy method to access and customize your iOS devices without actually jailbreaking it.


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