iNDS for iOS | Download iNDS Emulator for iPhone/iPad ( TweakBox )

If you are an iOS user, you might face faced the problem of not getting access to all the games that you love. You can find thousands of games in the market right now, but retro games still have an influence on us. Many of the retro games have come up lately with amazing graphics and storyline. Nintendo DS games have also been updated and these versions just bring back lots of memories from our childhood. The main problem however was that, iOS users were able to get these Nintendo DS games only through jailbreaking. Well, here comes a good news. You no longer need to jailbreak the device to enjoy your favorite Nintendo DS games on iOS as we introduce to you iNDS Emulator.

iNDS for iOS | Download iNDS Emulator for iPhone/iPad

iNDS Emulator provides an environment in your iOS device, so that you can get access to all the Nintendo DS games. Hundreds of games can be downloaded using iNDS emulator for iOS and all these are available for free by installing it via TweakBox, which is the best app installer. TweakBox lets you download many third party modded and tweaked versions of apps without jailbreak on both iOS and Android. In this article, we have provided a simple way to install iNDS emulator on iOS. Some of the features of iNDS are also mentioned below. Check This:[*Fixed] TweakBox Unable to Download, Install Apps, Crashing & All Not Working Issues.

iNDS Emulator on iOS (iPhone/iPad) | Features: 

iNDS is an amazing Nintendo DS game emulator. It lets you enjoy hundreds of games on your iOS without jailbreak. All you need to do is to download it using TweakBox. Now let us quickly look at some of the features of iNDS Emulator which makes it the best.

1) iNDS Emulator ensures that you have the best gaming experience as you can access control settings, vibration mode, sound option etc.

2) You can also get a wide range of video game ROMs directly by using this app.

3) The app also has an Auto save option, which will save the game till the point at which you quit, so that you can resume later.

4) iNDs offers you many tweaked games and cheats.

5) The best part is that iNDS provides an amazing user interface. It is easy and efficient for use.

iNDs emulator is available on older versions of iOS starting from iOS 8.0 to iOS 11. There are many more features and gaming experience waiting for you to explore. So now go ahead and install iNDS on your iOS. Best game:  NBA++ for iOS | Download NBA++ on iPhone/iPad with TweakBox App.

How To Install iNDS Nintendo DS Emulator on iOS using TweakBox

iNDS is the best emulator that you can use to get Nintendo DS games on your iOS. Previously, iNDS emulator was only available on jailbroken iOS devices. But with TweakBox, you can get iNDS without jailbreak. It is easy and safe to install iNDS via TweakBox. You just need to folow the procedure given below.

1) First of all, you are required to open Safari Browser on your iOS and go to the link given below. You will be navigated to the home page of the TweakBox Official Website.

2) Among the tabs given on top of the screen, tap on Apps option. Now you will find a huge collection of third party apps available for iOS.

3) From this list, open TweakBox Apps option. Now you will find many tweaked apps for iOS. From this, look up for iNDS Emulator.

4) Tap on it and you will find an Install option next to the app icon. Tap on this and a confirmation window will pop up asking for confirming the installation. Simply tap on Install option and continue.

5) iNDS will start downloading immediately. This will take some time.

6) Once the download process is complete, you are required to change some default settings so that you can run the app.

7) For this, you need to open Settings of your device. Now in the General section, look for Device Management option. Tap on it and you will find iNDS. You need to enable Trust option next to it and you are done.

You have successfully installed iNDS emulator on your iOS device.

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Conclusion– iNDS Emulator for iOS 12.1, iOS 12.2/12+ using TweakBox (No Jailbreak)

iNDS emulator provides you a safe way to get Nintendo DS games on iOS. By installing it via TweakBox, you do not have to jailbreak the device. TweakBox offers you many other tweaked and paid apps for free. iNDS is one among them and has topped the list of the best Nintendo DS emulator. Download it and enjoy all your favorite games. Hope you found this article helpful and if you face any issues, do inform us.

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