Download NewGamePad Emulator on iOS (iPhone/iPad) using TweakBox

Do you wish to get all the cool games that you used to play on your PS and other consoles on your iOS? Then NewGamePad Emulator is what you are looking for. It is an awesome emulator that gives you access to hundreds of games that are otherwise available only using PS, N64, SNES etc for free on your iOS devices. The emulator is well designed with a simple and amazing user interface. It is the safest emulator which is perfect for your iOS.

You no longer have to jailbreak your device to get advanced games on iOS. NewGamePad has got them all. It is quite simple to download this game emulator. All you need is a third party app installer and the best one is TweakBox, where you can get any tweaked or paid apps for free. We will look into the installation later in this article. Check Out: “SnapChat++ Download on iOS Without Jailbreak (Full Steps)“.


NewGamePad Emulator for iOS | Features: 

NewGamePad Emulator for iOS is the number one gaming emulator which supports multiple platforms. You can embrace your childhood memories with all the retro and classic games that you used to play. Let us quickly look at some of the features of NewGamePad Emulator for iOS.

1) It supports a large variety of consoles. You can enjoy all the games from your favorite PSP, PS1, NDS, GBA, N64 and many more.

2) You can get ROMs for the games. You can download any games as you wish into the app and enjoy them for free.

3) The database is huge yet well designed that it is easy to search for games.

4) It is safe to use and has a wonderful user interface.

There are hundreds of games for you to explore in NewGamePad Emulator for iOS. Get them all now for free.

Latest NewGamePad Emulator

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How to Install NewGamePad Emulator on iOS using TweakBox

There are many sources using which you can get NewGamePad Emulator on iOS. However, to get it from a safe and trusted source, it is better to use TweakBox. It is the most downloaded app installer for iOS with which you can get many apps that are not available on the Apple app store for free and without jailbreak.

1) As a first step, you need to have TweakBox on iOS. The link given here Download UPDATED TWEAKBOX APP will give you the safest way to get it, that is using the official website. Visit the URL using Safari Browser.

2) You can see an Install option here. Click on it and the download process will begin in the background.

3) Once it is done, take the device Settings and tap on Profile & Device Management. Trust TweakBox option needs to be turned on from this.

4) Now open the app installer and search for NewGamePad Emulator for iOS.

NewGamePad iOS

5) Click on the app from the results. Now tap on Install to download it.

Downalod NEWGAMEPAD using TweakBox

6) When it is complete, go to Settings and Trust NewGamePad from Profile & Device Management.

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 Download NewGamePad Emulator on iOS – TweakBox

You have successfully downloaded the app. It is time to enjoy an unlimited number of games on your iOS in amazing graphics.

Hope you found the article helpful and we will be updating the article with coming updates.

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