TuTuApp Lite | Download TuTuApp Lite App on iOS(iPhone/iPad) (UPDATED VERSION)

TutuApp Lite | Download TutuApp Lite on iOS [iPhone/iPad] [No Jailbreak]: All the third-party iOS apps, periodically, have to face the situation of Apple revoking their certificate. Thereafter, the developers of the third-party applications kick in and renew their certificate. However, currently, Apple is in the state of stiff resistance to these third-party applications.

Third-party App Stores namely TweakBox, TutuApp, Ignition, and AppValley are the victims of the hard onslaught from Apple. Apple is constantly revoking their certificates. In 4 consecutive days, it is the 4th time Apple has revoked their certificates. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Till the time a fix arrives, TutuApp has announced TutuApp Lite for its users. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install TutuApp Lite on the iPhone/iPad. Also, Check out this alternative application called, “TweakBox App on iOS Devices – UPDATED“.

Install TutuApp Lite on iOS [iPhone/iPad] [STEPS]

Similar to TutuApp, you don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for installing TutuApp Lite. Till the time Apple is continuing its onslaught, you can utilize TutuApp Lite for downloading tweaked and modified iOS applications. Though it doesn’t have an inventory as big as TutuApp, TweakBox, or AppValley, it will, indeed, give you access to a majority of the essential applications.

Moving on, the following are the steps to download and install TutuApp Lite on iOS [iPhone/iPad]. Android Users you should check this out, “TweakBox APK – Download TweakBox App on Android Devices“.

Features of TuTuApp Lite App on iOS

  • As a first, you require launching Safari Browser and navigating to lite.tutuapp.vip.
  • Update: After opening the above URL in your safari browser, you will see a bundle of paid apps and games for free. You can install your favorite apps for free from there, and you will see adding of new apps every week as developer informed in their official twitter.
  • Wait for the webpage to load up. You will get a notification to try TutuApp Lite. Tap on ‘Try Now.’

    Latest TuTuApp Lite App Install on iOS

    Latest TuTuApp Lite App Install on iOS

  • You will get a warning stating that the website is trying to download a configuration profile. Tap on ‘Allow’ and the profile installation screen will come up.

    Allow TuTuApp Lite iOS App

    Allow TuTuApp Lite iOS App

  • Tap on ‘Install’ to install the configuration profile of TutuApp Lite on iPhone/iPad.

    Install Profile of TuTuApp Lite on iOS

    Install Profile of TuTuApp Lite on iOS

  • Enter your passcode and tap on ‘Install’ again.

    Install TuTuApp Lite App on iPhone/iPad - Update

    Install TuTuApp Lite App on iPhone/iPad – Update

  • That’s it! After the successful installation of the profile, you will see the icon of TutuApp Lite coming up on the home screen of your iPhone/iPad.

    Installed TuTuApp Lite App on iPhone/iPad

    Installed TuTuApp Lite App on iPhone/iPad

  • Launch TutuApp Lite and start downloading your favorite tweaked iOS apps and games.

    TuTuApp Lite APK Apps & Games UI Screen

    TuTuApp Lite APK Apps & Games UI Screen

Great Apps list from TweakBox App:

FAQ – TuTuApp Lite on iOS

  • What is TuTuApp Lite Used for ??

TuTuApp Lite is an iOS store which is the best alternative to Apple Store. TuTuApp Lite Apps Store helps you to download apps or games which are even not available in your official market place. It’s the best and trustworthy third party installer to get all your favorite apps and games.

  • Is TuTuApp Lite Free ??

Yes, TuTuApp Lite is a completely free application to get all premium applications and games for free. You can install any of your favorite app or game without jailbreaking your device and this TuTu App Lite is completely safe application too.

  • Is TuTuApp Lite Safe to Install ??

TuTuApp Lite is a very safe application as you see all data is completely stored in the safest place and you don’t see any virus or malware.  You don’t see any unnecessary files installations while installing TuTuApp Lite application.

  • Is TuTuApp Lite Illegal ??

Installing TuTuApp Lite on iOS is completely legal as you are not breaking any law or something. You might see some of the apps which are hosted in TuTuApp are paid ones which are available for free, so in that case, I would recommend you to use VPN to hide your identity as those are illegal to install paid applications for free.


Final Words – TutuApp Lite  Download on iOS No Jailbreak

These were the simple steps to install TutuApp Lite on iOS. You can continue using TutuApp Lite till Apple stops revoking the certificates or an alternate fix is implemented. In case you face any issues during the installation process or while using the application, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.


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