Download Instagram++ on iOS (iPhone/iPad) using TweakBox

Are you bored with the usual features offered by Instagram? Here is a way to enjoy more with all-new Instagram++. It is a tweaked version of Instagram with advanced options so that you can enjoy social networking without any limits. Instagram++ is now accessible on iOS.

You can now use the app with more privacy. It even lets you download photos and videos on your iOS. Instagram++ for iOS offers you a greater user interface. It gives a whole new look and experience while using this app. Instagram++ for iOS is the most awesome platform to showcase your talents, update your friends by posting new stories and picture contents. Instagram++ for iOS is a tweaked app and hence will require the support from a third-party app installer. There are many sources to download this app. TweakBox is a great app installer with a huge collection of tweaked and paid apps for free. It doesn’t even require jailbreaking your iOS device. Here, we have provided the easiest way to download Instagram++ on iOS using TweakBox.


Instagram++ on iOS | Features:

Instagram++ is a tweaked version of the app for iOS that is developed to provide the users with advanced features. This app ensures full privacy while using your Instagram.

1) You can download photos and videos into your iDevice directly.

2) The layout of your feed can be changed to a grid or list.

3) You can view stories of your friends without letting them know.

4) You can turn off the option to show the read receipts of the sent messages.

5) The online status can also be hidden.

Instagram++ on iOS (TweakBox)

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Instagram++ even lets you know the ones whom you are following but is not following you back. Download this app to explore more.

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How to Install Instagram++ on iOS using TweakBox

There are a number of tweaked apps offered by TweakBox for free on your iOS. Instagram++ is one of them. You can download this app without jailbreaking your iDevice. The instructions are given in detail.

1) The first step you need to do is to download TweakBox from TweakBox App Download(LATEST). You are required to open this using the Safari browser.

Alternative Link1:   Direct Download Config Profile Link 1

Alternative Link 2:     Alternative Download Link 2

Alternative Link 3:     Direct Download Config Profile Link 3

Alternative Link 4:    Alternative Download Link 4

  • This will redirect you to the official website of TweakBox from which you can download TweakBox by tapping on the Install option.
  •  Next, you need to hover over Settings and open Profile & Device Management. Turn on the Trust TweakBox option.
  • The app installer will be downloaded shortly. Now, you can open TweakBox and type Instagram++ on iOS to search for it.

Instagram plus iOS TweakBox

  • This will show the app along with an Install option. You are required to tap on it and Instagram++ will be downloaded.

instagram++ iOS TweakBox

  • Now, you are required to open Settings, go to Profile & Device Management to enable Trust Instagram++ option.

instagram ++ iOS tweakbox

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How to Uninstall Instagram++ from iOS Devices

Instagram++ is one of the best mods for the amazing social networking app. It provides additional features and customizable layouts on Instagram for free. However, some users are not satisfied. You can uninstall Instagram++ from iOS easily. Check out the procedure given below.

If you do not wish to use the mod on iOS anymore, here is a quick and easy way to uninstall Instagram++.

  • On the Home screen, locate Instagram++ icon.
  • Tap and hold the app icon for a few seconds.
  • A cross button will appear at the top of the icon which you need to click.
  • A confirmation window will be displayed to delete the app.
  • Tap on the Delete button from the window and you are done.

It is a simple process and does not leave any residual files on your iOS devices. You can uninstall any mod in the same way.

Instagram++ on iOS – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What features does Instagram++ offer?

Instagram++ gives you the best user interface using which you can completely customize your account. You can download media files, hide views, Read receipts, etc from the Instagram inbox. There are many great filters and layouts to make your pictures more attractive.

  • Is it safe to use Instagram++ on iOS?

Yes, Instagram++ iOS can be downloaded safely without jailbreaking the iDevice. There are no errors while using the app either.

  • Can you customize your profile in Instagram++ iOS?

Of course. You can customize your profile by making your bio interesting or hiding it. You can also change the layouts, theme, and design of your profile easily using Instagram++.

  • Is Instagram++ illegal?

Not at all. Instagram++ offers additional features to the app without breaking any of the Apple policies. You can enjoy Instagram more than ever with this version on iOS.

 Instagram++ on iOS gets Crashed? [FIX]

TweakBox is a third-party app store alternative that gives you modded and tweaked apps for free. Apple servers do not support the use of such third-party apps. This is why Instagram++ crashes after a while. This happens when the Apple servers revoke the app certificate. You will have to delete the app and download it after a few days. It can also be prevented by using a VPN while downloading Instagram++ on iOS using TweakBox. This will successfully hide the app certificate and hence the servers cannot revoke them. Your apps remain safe.

Conclusion -Instagram++ on iPhone/iPad – TweakBox

Now, you can open Instagram++ on iOS and enjoy the app like never before. With the best features and user interface, this app is all you need. If you face any issues, do let us know.

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