Filza for iOS | Download Filza on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak (TweakBox)

If you are an iOS user, you might have faced a number of restrictions while using your iDevices. The default file manager cannot be used to access all the files on your iOS device. In such a situation, jailbreak is the last option you need to think of, as we have come up with a better solution. Filza file manager is the best file manager for modifying files, to access zip and dot files etc. You can also get access to system files using this amazing file manager.

Download Filza File Manager on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak (With TweakBox App)

Using Filza file manager, you can totally customise your iOS devices. Care should be taken while accessing system files. Modifications may lead to damage of your iOS device. You can also root your iDevice without jailbreak. Filza file manager, however, is not available on the Apple app store. But don’t worry, as there is a safe way to get this app on your iOS device for free and without jailbreak. TweakBox is a great app installer from which you can download many apps which are not available on your Apple app store. You can also get paid apps for free using TweakBox for iOS. In this article, we have given a method by which you can get Filza on iOS. We will also discuss some of the features of this app, which will make you want to have it on your iOS. Check This:[*Fixed] TweakBox Unable to Download, Install Apps, Crashing & All Not Working Issues.

Features of Filza File Manager (TWEAKBOX)

Filza file manager is a great app to manage files on iOS. Before looking at the installation, let us quickly go through some features of this app.

1) Filza gives you access to almost all files on your iOS device.

2) It lets you root devices and modify root files.

3) You have full access to all the system files without jailbreak. However, you need to be careful while managing and modifying system files as working of the device may get affected.

4) Filza file manager has got a simple and amazing user interface. It is the best user friendly file manager app with the best features.

5) You can install Filza using TweakBox or Cydia impactor, which ensure easy and safe download.

6) Filza is compatible with all iOS devices with iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.3. Based on compatibility, Filza has different versions.

– Filza Escaped: This version is compatible with iOS 11.2.1 to iOS 11.3.

– Filzajailed: This can be used in devices with iOS 11 to iOS 11.2.1.

– Filzaelectracuted: This version is available using Electra jailbreak for devices with iOS 11.2.1 to iOS 11.3.

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How To Install Filza File Manager using TweakBox on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you wish to download modded, hacked and paid apps on your iOS without jailbreak, then TweakBox app installer is what you are looking for. Filza is one such file manager app provided by TweakBox that you can install safely on your iDevice. With Filza, you can take your iDevices to the next level as it helps you modify the files and lets you remove many restrictions you will have to deal with in iOS devices. Here we explain to you, a method by which you can easily get Filza using TweakBox.

1) First of all, you will need TweakBox app installer on your device. You can download it from the link TweakBox Official Website. It is recommended to use Safari browser while doing this.

2) On the homepage, you need to click on the Install option to download TweakBox Apk on your device.

3) Once the download process is over, go to Settings of your device and on the General section, go to Profile and Device Management option. From this, tap on Trust TweakBox option.

4) Now you have to open TweakBox from the app list. You will find a huge collection of modded, tweaked and paid apps, games etc for free.

5) Type Filza app on the Search bar above the screen. From the results, click on Install option next to Filza.

filza file manager tweakbox

6) The device may ask for confirmation of the install. Just click on Install and proceed.

7) After sometime, Filza will be downloaded on your device. Since this is from a third party source, you will have to make changes in the default settings just like you did before.

8) Go to device’s Settings. On the General, tap on Profile and Device Management option. In that, you will find a trust option for Filza. Tap on it nd you are done.

You can also download Filza using Cydia Impactor. This has to be done using your PC. First, you need to install Cydia Impactor on your PC. Then you can download Filza IPA files. You will have to link your iOS device with Cydia impactor by entering your Apple ID and password. On dragging and dropping the IPA files on Cydia, it will be downloaded on your device. By making changes in the default settings of the device as above, you can run Filza file manager on iOS.

Conclusion– Filza for iOS 12.1, iOS 12.2/12+ using TweakBox (No Jailbreak)

To conclude, Filza is a great app which you can use for managing any file on your iOS. TweakBox provides you a safe platform to download this app also. Its simple user interface is the highlight, which amuses every iOS user. Filza offers many features other than those mentioned above. To enjoy all of them, you only need to follow the method in this article. Hope it helps. If you have queries, feel free to contact us.


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