Download Spotify++ on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak (With TweakBox App)

Spotify++ on iOS using TweakBox: Unlimited music is every music lover’s dream come true and that is exactly what Spotify offers. With its huge collection and amazing features, Spotify has gained thousands of users within a short span of time. Spotify++ is a modified version of this app that can now be downloaded on your iOS and Android devices without jailbreak. For this, we introduce to you the TweakBox app installer.

TweakBox is a third-party app installer that provides you with hundreds of apps and games. TweakBox offers you many modded, tweaked and hacked apps that can take your smartphones to the next level. Spotify++ is one among them. Now you can download any apps that you like, even paid apps, without jailbreak. All the apps are totally free of cost in TweakBox. In this article, we will look into a method to download Spotify++ on your device using TweakBox. We will also have a look at some of the features of Spotify++.


Spotify++ on iOS | Features:

Spotify++ is a superb app for music lovers. It offers you nonstop music anytime and anywhere. It is a modified version of Spotify. The premium version of Spotify++ is also available. But it will cost you $9.99. Well, with TweakBox, it will cost you nothing. Now let us look into some of the features that make Spotify++ unique.

  •  It has got a huge collection of music in various categories and languages. In fact, it is divided into different categories for the user’s convenience.
  • All the music tracks are available in high quality.
  • Spotify++ ensures that you enjoy your music time without interruptions, as it is ad-free.
  • The best part is all these are available for free and without jailbreak.

If you are facing any installation issues with the Tweakbox app, do check it out:[Fixed] TweakBox Errors.

Install Spotify++ using TweakBox

Spotify++ offers you thousands of music tracks for you to enjoy anytime and anywhere. Now, you can make your long journeys, break time or take a break from your stressful life by switching to some soothing music to relax your mind. With the TweakBox app installer, you can download this app on your Android and iOS devices for free and without jailbreak. Follow the instructions given below to easily install Spotify++ on your device. Here, we have given 3 simple methods to download and install Spotify++ on iOS. The process is safe. You can get them without jailbreaking your iOS.

  • First of all, you need to download TweakBox app installer from the TweakBox Official Website. The link for this is given below. On the home page, you can find the Install option. Tap on it and wait while it gets into your device by completing its process.

   TweakBox on iOS

  • Once the installation is complete, go to Settings of your device and Trust TweakBox app or enable unknown sources option. Since it is from a third-party source, you need to do this.
  • Now you can see the TweakBox icon on the app list. Open it.
  • You can find an App section here and several categories of apps can be seen. From this, tap on the Tweaked apps section.
Spotify++ Download on iOS - Features
Spotify++ Download on iOS – Features
  • Now, you will find a Search Bar at the top of the screen. Type Spotify++ and search for it.
  • From the results that come up, you can see Spotify++ app with an Install option next to it. Tap on it.

Latest spotify++ on iOS

  • Now a pop-up window will come up asking for confirmation of the Install process. Simply click on Install and proceed.


  • The installation process will take some time.
  • Once you are done with the installation, go to Settings and under General, you need to enable or Trust Spotify++ app.


Now you have successfully installed Spotify++ on your device.

Method 2: Install Spotify++ using Emus4u app

Emus4u on iOS is an awesome app installer from which you can download modded and third-party apps for free, without having to jailbreak your device.

  • All you have to do is to open the Safari browser on your iOS and navigate to the link given below. (

download spotify++ via emus4u

  • Tap on the Install option from this page and Spotify++ will be downloaded on your iOS.

Download Spotify++ on iOS using IPA File

One of the most downloaded app installers is Cydia Impactor, which gives you access to hundreds of third-party apps for free on iOS. For this, you will need the following requirements.

  •  A PC
  • Your iDevice
  • Data cable
  • The latest version of iTunes
  • Apple ID

The Apple ID needs to be used while downloading the app. This can be your original ID or you can create a fake one. Follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, you need to connect your iOS device to the computer. If the iTunes app opens up, close it immediately.
  • You are required to open the link given below on your computer. Here, you will find a Download IPA file option. Tap on it.
  • Next, you are required to download Cydia Impactor ( on your computer. Open the app to run it.
  • Your iDevice will be detected automatically by the Cydia Impactor.
  • Now, go to the location of the IPA file you downloaded and open it. Drag this file into the Cydia Impactor.

spotify ++ using cydia impactor

  • You will find a field to enter the Apple ID. Enter it and Cydia Impactor will start running the file.
  • Once you are done, go to the Settings and click on Profile option under General. Tap on the Spotify++ app profile and enable the Trust option.
  • Spotify++ will be displayed on your iOS device. Open it and enjoy the great variety of music.

[Fix] Errors on Spotify++ on iOS

Spotify++ for iOS is a third-party app and hence Apple won’t let you access them directly after installing the app. It will show an Untrusted Developer notification. You can deal with this easily by following the steps below.

  • You need to open Settings on your iOS.
  • Scroll down and look for Profiles option under the General tab.
  • Now, the Spotify++ app profile will be displayed. Open it.
  • Here, you need to turn on the Trust option and you are done.

Fix App Crashing Issue

Since it is a modded app, Spotify++ will be regularly inspected by iOS and may be revoked. In order to run the app, you will have to install it again. However, there is a better solution. Now, you can use a VPN while installing and running Spotify++. This will keep your ID and certificates hidden so that Apple won’t detect or revoke the app.

Spotify++ on iOS | FAQs

Is Tweaked Spotify Safe ?

Yes, It's a third-party app but completely safe application. It usually placed on third-party apps stores after scanning the virus. So, We don't face any issues while using or by using it.

Why Spotify++ Not Working ?

If your app got revoked, I would definitely recommend you all uninstall it and install it again to avoid the further revokes. If you are facing any data or network connection, It's better to restart the router to fix the issue. These two easy fixes definitely make your Spotify++ works again.

Does Spotify++ Work Offline ?

Yes, you can sync all your playlists and save them offline to listen to them later. Spotify++ Premium allows you to save your 3, 333 songs offline within your storage.

Alternative Store: SoundCloud Download on iOS.

Conclusion: Spotify++ on iOS (TweakBox)

TweakBox offers you many such amazing modded, tweaked and hacked apps which can be downloaded safely without jailbreak on your iOS and Android devices. With its simple user interface and the huge collection of apps, TweakBox is gaining more and more audience each day. With Spotify++ by your side, you can enjoy unlimited music without any interruptions. So now, sit back and relax your mind with some soothing music using Spotify++.

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