Download Clash of Clans Hack for iOS using TweakBox (iPhone/iPad)

Clash of Clans is nothing new to us. It is one of the best mobile games right now. Though many developers tried to copy the game, none were able to fully satisfy its users like Clash of Clans. With its simple and amazing graphics, it was able to maintain its position at the top. But as you go to the higher level, you will need more resources. It may take a while for you to get all the required resources. But here is a solution. Clash of Clans Hack for iOS helps you to get as many resources as you need for free. Yes, all the gold, gems and Elixir are free of cost and unlimited. You no longer have to spend days collecting all the resources. It also helps you win battles by providing tips and with this, you can expand your territory.

As Clash of Clan Hack is a tweaked version of the original one, it will not be available on the App stores. You can only get it from a third party source. The one which you can always trust is TweakBox.  Also, you will never have to jailbreak your iOS devices to get any apps or games. Here, you will find an easy method to download Clash of Clans Hack for iOS using TweakBox. Some of the features that the tweaked version offers are also given in the coming section. Checkout: Download Last Day on Earth Hack for iOS using TweakBox (iPhone/iPad).

Clash of Clans Hack iOS | Features

Clash of Clans is an all-time favorite game of most of the smartphone users. It has an amazing interface that makes it the best. Now, the number of users for this game has crossed millions. Clash of Clans Hack offers you many resources to improve your town hall, gold, gems and more. All the gem packages which need to be purchased in the original version are totally free using this hack. Let us look at some more features of the hack.

1) The hack app gives you access to gems, gold etc for free. Unlimited resources can be generated.

2) The app can be used on both iOS and Android devices without jailbreak or rooting.

3) It is safe to use and do not access any of your personal data from the device.

4) You will get access to powerful and dark spells using this app. Some of them are freeze, lightning, earthquake, poison, jump and many more.

5) You can also upgrade your defense troops and increase the probability of your victory. It offers many defense equipments like cannon, Archer tower, Bomb tower, Mortar etc.

6) It will also provide you with many traps. You can create traps on your own too.

clash of clans hack on tweakbox

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Install Clash of Clans Hack for iOS using TweakBox

TweakBox is a great app installer which offers you modded, tweaked, hacked apps and games for free on your iOS devices. Clash of Clash Hack is also available using TweakBox. The hack app offers you many resources to enhance your town hall. You only need to download Clash of Clans Hack for iOS using TweakBox by following the procedure given below.

1) First, you are required to launch Safari Browser from your iOS and go to the link given Download TweakBox for iOS. From this, download TweakBox for iOS by clicking the Install option.

2) Now you need to open the Settings from your device. Scroll down and look for Profile & Device Management option from the General section. Now enable Trust TweakBox option.

download clash of clans hack tweakbox

3) TweakBox can now be launched on your device. A search bar can be seen at the top. Tap on it and search for Clash of Clans Hack.

4) Tap on the Install option next to the app description. The download process will begin. Wait for some time.

Install Clash of Clans Hack Tweakbox

5) Once the download is complete, navigate to Settings and again open the Profile & Device Management option. Trust Clash of Clans Hack from this.

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You are done!


  • What is Clash of Clans Hack?

Clash of Clans Hack provides you with hacks and cheats to win every battle in the game. You can easily expand your kingdom and conquer other areas. Clash of Clans Hack gives you full access to free resources to play the game. With this hack, you can strengthen the army and arm more weapons.

  • How to get the items in the game store of Clash of Clans for free?

If you wish to get all the resources in the game store of Clash of Clans, all you have to do is to download Clash of Clans Hack. They are available for free.

  • Is Clash of Clans Hack safe to use?

Yes, Clash of Clans Hack is safe. There are no errors in the hack which gives it an amazing user interface. It does not require rooting or jailbreaking your device either.

  • Does the account get banned on using Clash of Clans Hack on iOS 12?

Not at all. Clash of Clans Hack helps you get more features and gaming options in the game. None of the policies of Clash of Clans are broken and hence, the COC account cannot be banned.

Conclusion- Download TweakBox Clash of Clans Hack on iOS 

And you are done. You can now use Clash of Clans hack app to get unlimited gems and resources, upgrade the defense and many more. TweakBox for iOS lets you install apps and games that are paid, tweaked or hacked, for free on your iOS devices. You can find all apps and games that are not available on the Apple app store and many more using TweakBox for iOS. Many modded and tweaked apps are available for free using TweakBox. Make sure that you try them all. Also, if you face any issues while installing the app, do inform us.


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