Pokemon Go Hack – Install PokeGo++ & iSpoofer with TweakBox App (Working)

Pokémon Go Hack | Install PokeGo++ & iSpoofer: Pokémon Go is a tremendously popular game and even though it has been a considerable amount of time since its launch the craze around the game refuses to die down. In the game, your role is of a Pokémon trainer, similar on the lines of Ash Ketchum, who has to venture out of his home catching Pokémon in his quest of becoming the ultimate Pokémon Master. The problem in the original game is that it revolves around the concept of augmented reality and you, actually, have to move out of your house with the smartphone in your hand looking for Pokémon.

With the original game, there are reports of accidents taking place. Therefore, in this post, we bring you the hacked version of Pokémon Go that goes by the name PokeGo++ and iSpoofer. With the aid and assistance of PokeGo++ and iSpoofer, you can play Pokémon Go, without having to leave your home, from the comfort and convenience of your couch. Besides that, you get a load of extra features as well.


What Do We Get in PokeGo++ & iSpoofer?

PokeGo+ + and iSpoofer change the very course of the game. Within a few days, you will go much beyond the level of your friends who are not willing to use Pokémon Go hack.  Following are some of the facilities that you will get with Pokémon Go Hack.

  • Catch Pokémon from your home.
  • Catch Pokémon with the help of a trainer.
  • If you happen to be in an area where there are a lot of Pokémon, the hack will tell you which ones you should go for.
  • Joystick control.

Android Users Guide: “Latest TweakBox APK Updated & Get it on Android Devices” & Get “Spotify++ Premium App Download (Updated one)“.

Most important of all, the hack is, absolutely, free to use and download. It comes with in-app settings that let you activate/deactivate any of the features.

Install Pokémon Go Hack | PokeGo++ & iSpoofer

Install TweakBox

  • You can easily download the Pokémon Go Hack from TweakBox, which is a 3rd party App Store that houses tweaked and modified iOS applications.
  • Please download and install TweakBox from here. [TweakBox App Download].
  • Don’t forget to trust the profile of TweakBox after the installation is over and launch the application to go ahead with installation steps.
    Launch TweakBox and Check Hacked Games Section
    Launch TweakBox and Check Hacked Games Section

Search for PokeGo++ or iSpoofer App

  • Launch TweakBox and navigate to Apps -> Hacked Games.
  • Here please search for Pokémon and PokeGo++ or iSpoofer for Pokemon Go will come up, It will show you iSpoofer for Pokemon Go or PokeGo2++(Official).
    PokeGo2++ Official One for TweakBox
    PokeGo2++ Official One for TweakBox
  • Click on Install to get it on your device.
    iSpoofer for Pokemon GO - Latest Update
    iSpoofer for Pokemon GO – Latest

Install PokeGo++ or iSpoofer for Pokemon Go

  • Install the same on your iOS device.
    iSpoofer for Pokemon GO - Latest
    Install iSpoofer for Pokemon Go Tweaked Game
  • Please do trust the profile of PokeGo++ or iSpoofer for Pokemon Go after the installation is complete. The icon of the same will be present on the home screen of your iOS device.

Note: Delete the app before installing this tweaked version of Pokemon Go. This iSpoofer Pokemon GO has been updated to the latest version and added tweakbox on Dec 17th. Keep updated with us to know to get the latest updated versions and get them installed on your device.

Great! Now you can launch the application and start enjoying the features instantly.

Tweaked Pokemon Go Installed
Tweaked Pokemon Go Installed

FAQ Section: Pokemon Go Hack

  • Can You Still Spoof in Pokemon Go 2019 ??

Yes, You can still spoof in Pokemon Go with some trusted third-party applications. You can find a lot of trusted apps in this TweakBox Store, you can get them to change your location using arrows.

  • How Do I Spoof Pokemon GO in Android ??

Yes, you can use the Fake GPS Free App to Spoof the location in your android devices for our Pokemon Go Game. If you prefer to install it via APK, I would suggest you check out the Unknown Sources option in Settings of the Device. By any chance If it was disabled, Please do enable to start the installation of that APK on your Android.

  • How Do I Spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone ??

Refer Above Process for Spoofing in Pokemon Go on iPhone using iSpoofer App. It is completely banned free process and I am using it for the last few months and I don’t see any damages for our favorite game because of this.

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Final Words – Pokémon Go Hack | PokeGo++ & iSpoofer

Now, you can enjoy Pokémon Go from the comfort and convenience of your home. If you face any issues in the usage of the application, please let us know about the same and we will help you fix the same. You can utilize the comments section present below for that.

Thank You.

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  2. Hi! I installed tweakbox succesfully but when I press “Install” for both pokego++ or The Ispoofed or whatever, nothing happens, it never starts downloading. What’s wrong?

  3. I had the app but it stoped letting me use it and when I deleted it I went to download it back but when I type Pokemon nothing pops up

  4. After launch TweakBox clicked on nagivate to hacked games searched for pokego2.0++ or iSpoofer for Pokemon go cannot find. Are the apps still there? Please advise?

  5. I’ve tried for a week to download the iSpoofer for Pokemon Go, but all I get is «download failed, try again later». What do I do 🙁

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