Monopoly for iOS | Download Monopoly on iPhone/iPad (TweakBox)

Monopoly for iOS without Jailbreak: Whenever we think of playing some game indoors, the first one that comes to mind is Monopoly. It is without any doubt the best board game ever. With time, many versions and plots were introduced making no change in the theme. Nowadays, almost all our childhood real-time games have been changed into mobile and video games. So is Monopoly. Monopoly for iOS has been introduced recently.

It is very interesting to play this game on your iOS devices. The best part about playing Monopoly for iOS is that you can change the characters and game pieces as you like. Monopoly for iOS is a third party app and is not available in the device app store. So you need another third-party app installer. The best one that you can rely on for fast and safe download is TweakBox. It offers you many third party tweaked apps and games which are not available on the app store. Jailbreak Users, Get it – “Unc0ver 2.1 Jailbreak Update on iOS by Store – TweakBox App“.


Features of Monopoly for iOS

You don’t have to jailbreak your iOS to get them. Also, all the apps and games that TweakBox offers are completely free of cost. Monopoly for iOS is also available without jailbreak using TweakBox. The steps to be followed to get this game are discussed later in this article. Some of the highlighting features are also given in the following section.

Monopoly for iOS is a board game that can be played on your iDevices. It can be played between two to four players. The rules are almost similar to the traditional version. Some of the features of Monopoly for iOS are given below.

  • There are several game tokens which represent some major companies. Each player is said to be the head of any of the company they choose. Unlike the traditional monopoly where the game tokens are of a standard type, in this version you can customize them to whatever shape you want.
  • The board consists of several columns which represent any financial assets like properties, a certain amount of money etc.
  • The player has to roll two dice at a time and move the game token to whichever place the dice represent.
  • In the end, the player with the maximum amount of money in hand wins the game.
  • The game has amazing graphics and sound. The dice are rolled by shaking the device, which makes use of motion controls and touch.
  • Some of the rules in the original game can be changed according to your wish.
    Monopoly Game on iOS Free - TweakBox App
    Monopoly Game on iOS Free – TweakBox App

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How to Install Monopoly for iOS using TweakBox

Monopoly for iOS is an awesome app that lets you play your favorite board game wherever you want. With its amazing features and user interface, the game was able to capture the attention of iOS users all over the world. The customization feature made the game more interesting. Now let us look at the steps to be followed to download Monopoly for iOS using TweakBox.

  1. Firstly, you need to open the browser and go to the link given below to Download TweakBox for iOS. From the website, tap on the Install option and TweakBox will start downloading. It is recommended to use Safari Browser to open the link, as it makes the download process easier and faster.
  2. When the download is over, do not immediately open the app. You are required to navigate to device Settings and scroll down to find Profile & Device Management option. Tap on it and then enable Trust TweakBox option.
  3. Now you can open TweakBox. Search for Monopoly in the search bar.
    Search Monopoly in Games Section of TweakBox Store
    Search Monopoly in the Games Section of TweakBox
  4. The search results will show Monopoly along with the Install option. Click on it and do the same while asking for confirmation to install the app. The download process will begin.
    Monopoly Install on iOS - TweakBox
    Monopoly Install on iOS – TweakBox
  5. Once you are done, again go to Settings and tap on Profile & Device Management. Trust TweakBox and you are done.
    Downloaded & Installed Monopoly - TweakBox
    Downloaded & Installed Monopoly – TweakBox

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TweakBox Monopoly Download on iOS – Verdict

Now you can enjoy your favorite Monopoly for iOS anytime and anywhere. It gives you real-time gaming experience. TweakBox offers you many more games and apps for free on your iOS devices. You can enjoy all of them without jailbreak. TweakBox for iOS is the safest way to get any third party app on your iDevices.

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