NoThx Anti Revoke – Stop App Revokes NoThx TweakBox Update

Tweakbox NoThx: Let’s admit it we all hate paying for the apps, so buying them from the Apple store is tough for our pockets. So if you want to use applications which are free on the web then TweakBox is the best alternative.

Tweakbox is a third party source which helps the iOS users to download any application for free of cost. Now isn’t it just the best? Well with the tweakbox application an IOS users do not require to jailbreak their device as well.


What is NoThx?

It is just an anti-revoke application which will prohibit Apple to detect that the user is using tweaked application from the third party source. As we are well aware of the fact that Apple is quite strict and prohibits users from using tweaked apps and third party apps. NoThx will come in handy, it has a dummy VPN which does not allow apple to detect any tweaked apps in your device.

If in case apple detects the tweaked apps it simply revokes the certificate of that particular app and makes it invalid to use.

But with NoThx you will no longer face any such problem. Also, Check Out: “Spotify++ on iOS No Jailbreak“.

NoThx Download | Install NoThx TweakBox on iOS

Following steps will guide you on how to download the NoThx anti-revoke application via the tweak box store

  • Launch the Safari browser and then click on the below mentioned link to download: “TweakBox Download“.
  • After the app is download go to the settings option- General settings- device management-“Trust TweakBox”.
  • Once you reach the step, launch the Tweakbox and search for the NOThx.
    NOThx iOS App Download and Install
    NOThx iOS App Search in TweakBox
  • “Hit on the Install” application.
    Install NOThx App on iPhone/iPad
    Install NOThx App on iPhone/iPad
  • It will give you a prompt screen by showing would like to install “NoThx” and “Hit on Install”.
    Install NOThx App on iOS
    Install NOThx App on iOS
  • then follow the same steps and “Trust NoThx”.

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Final Words: NOThx App Download on iOS – TweakBox Update

If you follow all the steps properly you can easily enjoy all the tweaked applications without any hassle. With NoThx you can even save your money as you need not download the app from the Apple store. NoThx will not allow Apple to revoke any of your tweaked applications and you can use the free versions from the third party sources easily.

It is indeed the best way to use all your favourite apps from the third party source and without Apple detecting it as well. TweakedBox is a very reliable third party source to download any application and is one of the best alternatives of Cydia.

If you still have any doubts and queries regarding it please let us know in the comment section.

Thank you.

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  1. After following all the directions my no thnx is not getting installed when i click install the screen of no thx and after the whole installing process the screen becomes dull and thus it says no thx CANNOT BE DOWNLOADED AT THIS TIME…………….PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE

  2. How come when I try to rate it it just says retry never says anything else and also it gets to 100 percent and just stays there saying the magic is happening now but nothing has

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