[*Fixed] TweakBox Unable to Download, Install Apps & All Not Working Issues

TweakBox is one of the popular 3rd party App Stores that provide a plenitude of hacked, modified and modded iOS applications and games. TweakBox is a completely free application and doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iOS device, as well as, neither of the application available in the TweakBox demands jailbreak. The main reason behind the stupendous success of TweakBox is its huge inventory. Almost, all the third-party iOS applications and games are available on TweakBox. Moreover, the development team of TweakBox adds new applications daily so that the users don’t have to look towards any other relative application for downloading tweaked and ++ iOS applications and games.

Tweakbox error fix
TweakBox Unable to Download, Install Apps & All Not Working Issues

However, just like any good software, TweakBox also has to deal with a fair share of bugs and errors. Lately, TweakBox users are reporting various errors that they are facing while installing or utilizing the 3rd party App Store. Luckily! We have the solutions for you. In this post, we are discussing the common bugs and issues faced by TweakBox users along with their probable solutions. However, let us go through the amazing features of TweakBox before jumping on to the errors. Check out:Download TweakBox for iOS No Jailbreak.


TWEAKBOX  Not Working Fix or Fixed All Errors (GUIDE)

Speaking about features, the user interface of TweakBox is really simple and even beginners won’t face any issues in navigating through the application. Apps are present under five different categories and even a search bar is present to look for your favorite app directly.

  • Talking about the inventory of TweakBox, it is so big that you won’t have to face a situation of not finding your favorite app on it, ever. Also, if in the rarest of rare cases, if you don’t find the desired application or game on TweakBox you can always request the support team to get the same added in the database on a priority
  • The customer support team of TweakBox is highly professional and will answer your queries in the friendliest manner.
  • TweakBox doesn’t annoy you with constant reminders to update any particular application. Whenever any update for any app arrives you receive a notification for it and then you can choose whether you want to update the app there and then or postpone the update to a more convenient date or time.

Well! These are the features that make TweakBox a trending 3rd party App Store. Let us discuss the errors and the issues, along with their fixes, which the users are facing on TweakBox. Must Read:Download TweakBox APK on Android for Unlimited Apps.

TweakBox – Unable to Download App Fix

This is the primary issue that TweakBox users are facing. A pop-up comes up on the home screen stating ‘TweakBox couldn’t be installed this time.’ In most of the cases, this error pops up if any other version of TweakBox is already present in your system. If that’s the case then please uninstall the prior version, reboot your device, and then try installing the latest version once again.

tweakbox iphone/ipad

TweakBox Has Stopped Working Fix

Users are also reporting an error showing that ‘TweakBox has stopped working’ or ‘TweakBox not working.’ This error generally comes up when the verification of the app source is pending. As a fix for this error, please uninstall TweakBox from your device and later reinstall it. Once the installation process is successful, prior to launching the application, please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device Management and trust the profile of TweakBox.

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TweakBox – Profile Installation Failed Error Fix

The profile installation failed error crops up, generally, due to huge server load due to a large amount of traffic. In such cases, it is better that you wait for some time and then try installing the application again. In most cases, the error won’t come up again. However, if the same doesn’t work then proceed with the following steps.

  • Turn on the Flight Mode.
  • Navigate to Settings and look for Safari Browser. Tap on it and scroll down and you will see an option of ‘Clear History and Website Data.’
  • Tap on it and from the pop up that comes up tap on ‘Clear History and Data.’
  • Please disable the flight mode now. Don’t start the installation process of TweakBox straight away. Wait for some time and then try reinstalling the application once again.

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TweakBox – Invalid Argument Supplied Error Fix

In case of Invalid Argument Supplied Error, please uninstall the TweakBox application and install it once again. Thereafter, please restart your device. When your device boots up go to TweakBox Settings and check whether any new updates are available. If updates are there, please update your application and the error will go away.

 tweakbox download

TweakBox Blank Screen/White Screen Error Fix

This is one of the primary issues which users of TweakBox are facing. The application simply won’t load up and display a blank or a white screen. In order to fix this issue, you require navigating to Settings. Look for Safari Browser under Settings and clear website data. Restart your device and this will fix the blank or the white screen error.

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Conclusion: TweakBox Unable to Download, Install Apps & All Not Working Issues [FIX]

So, these are the primary issues that the users of TweakBox are facing.  If you are still unable to fix a particular error in TweakBox then let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. We are always happy to help you.

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  1. I went into settings like it told me, and check allow 3rd party thing but when I clicked the download link absolutely nothing happened

  2. Hi,
    In tweakbox, in the app section, when I click on any of the choices I get loading apps…

    But it does not go past that. Itused to work on the device (mini iPad).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Hi,

    I delete one of the game, but when I try to reinstall it appeared unable to install at the moment?

    I’ve tried many times yet still unable to install back to game 😭😭. Hope youable to help me


  4. Ok so as of today I updated to the latest iOS and it was a beta so I absolutely could not download Tweakbox again So I went to my settings and removed the iOS beta and I was able to download it Now the Problem I am facing is that it will not allow me to Install ANY APPS ?! Why ?!

    • Right, I can download Himusic and Coto movies but all the games wont work, like the games by SUPERCELL thwy all say they need an “update” but we cant update the apps cause theyre not from the apple store. Another thing is, is that when I download a game it usually says “cannot be downloaded at this time”

    • when i try to download anything it just says unable to download even though i had deleted it , restart my device and then downloading it again. this has happened to me for a few months .-.

  5. I am trying to download football manager 2019. Every time I click on it it will start to do download. It will finish the download but instead of the log appearing and going on to football manager, it just says as a white application and is unaccessable.

    • I am trying to download football manager 2019. Every time I click on it it will start to do download. It will finish the download but instead of the log appearing and going on to football manager, it just says as a white application and is unaccessable.

  6. I downloaded spotify + from tweakbox and its working fine. however when i continue to download some other hacked games . it starts downloading and installing but soon as it finished installing it just shows a blacked out tweakbox icon.. cant access the games whatsoever. tried reinstalling the profile . nothing works . please help

  7. I have an issue where when I press install, it prompts me to install and the app appears on my home screen for a split second then magically disappears. I can download tweakbox itself but no apps from it.

  8. Every time I try to install an app off of tweakbox nothing happens, app doesn’t appear anywhere on my phone. I’ve tried rebooting and reinstalling the tweak box app but still nothing will install. How do I fix this?

  9. So as of recently I deleted Spotify again to reinstall cause it wouldn’t let me run it. But when I downloaded it again. It didn’t download all the way and would stay dark like when it loads, but it would just sit there as if it had loaded but it didn’t. It’ll almost reach full, then the loading circle just disappears. Yes

  10. I have a problem that is not here. When I try to download something from teakbox it just doesn’t start downloading amd the icon of that app stays on the screen but with no name under it and if I try to open it doesn’t happen anything.
    Please help me!

  11. When I try to download the app it would show up then go gray immediately. I tried with and without wifi and using a vpn, still no luck. I tried uninstalling tweakbox and reinstalling it and stiill no luck. Can anyone help?

  12. My problem was that the apps wouldn’t download. The app would show up and a picture of the tweak box logo and once I clicked on it it would say that the app couldn’t download. After I did the fix the app won’t show up at all. I’m trying to download MovieBox and Spotify++

    • I have the same problem as destiny, when I install a tweak box app it simply shows the tweak box logo on the app and says it cannot download. It’s really annoying because I want to use popcorn time.

  13. My issue is when i press install a little notification pops up to download but it doesn’t download in stead it disappears immediately

  14. same problem, unable to download the app. When I tried to download the app, the app logo just appears a few seconds, after that the app is gone. what is this problem? It seems useless I re-install the tweakbox many times and also restart my phone. Try to clear my browser data. all those things are not working !!!

  15. Problem in installing of itrasmission
    It’s show unable to download
    Again I reinstall the tweak app
    & install itrasmission it shows waiting
    & the app disappears from the screen

  16. When i try to install any app pretty much nothing happens. I click the install popup but the nothing starts downloading and no apps appear on my ipad. Also no error messages pop up. Tried deleting everything, (apps and profiles) rebooting, deleting browser cache, etc. but no luck. Any ideas?

  17. Just a couple days ago, I had to delete and reinstall Kodi to my iPhone 6 with iOS 12.2. When I tried to reinstall it, the icon would appear only for a split second, and then disappear! I’ve been running Kodi for awhile now, so I’ve reinstalled it a number of times with no difficulty. The only thing I’ve done differently this time was delete it using the “Profiles & Device Management” in settings, where I would normally delete the Kodi app directly by touching the app until it wiggles, then pressing the x button.
    I’ve been unable to find anything online that resolved this.

  18. All mine does is i start downloading something and it doesn’t even start downloading it just pops up and goes away instantly

  19. I delete YouTube ++ and now i am trying to reinstall it. but when i try to reinstall it not appeared on home page why? Plz help how to fix it.

  20. My problem is when I download my app from TweakBox it’s show downloading and then disappear why that Also sometimes finish to download but app not open

  21. I’ve installed TweakBox, with no problem. When I download an app, it downloads, or appears to, starts to install, then when 3/4 done, it stops. I’m left with the icon on my home screen, but can’t do anything with it. When I open settings, to trust it, there’s nothing there.
    Please help.

  22. The site won’t let me download any app from it it tells me unable to download at this time and I checked what to do with that on this site but it didn’t help me I even tried to download and app I didn’t have and it didn’t work the only other result I have got from trying to download and app is it will get about 75% of the way done and it will just stop and not download at all no matter what I try

  23. I can get TweakBox but then no apps will down load. I have a profile in settings but have lost device management and can’t get it back after my iPhone updated. I have tried Beta download still nothing. Please advise

  24. I went to download the app and once it had finished installing I wasn’t able to click on it, and it had the tweakbox app logo instead of the normal app logo.
    Plz Help me.

  25. This is so stupid when I download hacked clash of clans, it just says “waiting” for over 50 days I’ve been “waiting” and still nothing fix it now!

  26. I can’t install any apps from Tweakbox. I have tried deleting the apps and reinstalling them but it keeps saying “unable to install app”. I have tried rebooting my device and I have even deleted and reinstalled Tweakbox multiple times but it still won’t let me download any apps. Please help.

  27. i am trying to install pogo++, the pogo icon came out, and it just keep loading but pogo apps not install..it has been for 2 weeks now.

  28. I need Minecraft and filza so i can get my password on filza and play minecraft but tweakbox isnt working it has pop ups saying unable to download minecraft and filza

  29. When I was installing it the part which show if it’s verified was red instead of green and when I opened it the screen was just blank could you please help me with that

  30. Hello fellow mobile hackers, I’m quite new to tweakbox and I download the app, everything is perfect, except I keep getting the message “unable to download at this time”, I need help, thx, btw trying to get 8 ball pool unlimited guidelines 🙂

  31. I am trying to install Kodi and I am getting “TweakBox couldn’t be installed this time.’ …. I have rebooted and have the same results

  32. Every time I try to install any app it says “app could not be installed at this time” I have tried everything from rebooting my phone and deleting and re installing tweak box and it still doesn’t work..

  33. None of the apps are installing from TweakBox. When they were downloading, they were trusted and then a few days later unverified themselves and when I would try and reverify them, nothing would happen, forcing me to delete the apps and then try and redownload them where I am at today, please help

  34. Please after downloading Whatsapp from the app the Whatsapp is not opening when I open and also the other one too is saying the Whatsapp app has expired

  35. hi I have an issue where when I press install, it prompts me to install and the app appears on my home screen for a split second then magically disappears. I can download tweakbox itself but no apps from it

  36. *Apple iPad Air 2 [Cellular/WiFi] – iOS 12.4*
    -Installed Tweakbox successfully (Note: Setting-Profile Screen never popped up on it’s own, I always had to open it myself)
    **Trying to install Unc0ver JB – click on app within Tweakbox and I get the pop up “api.tweakboxapp.com would like to install T W E A K B O X” with (cancel) / (install) buttons; which I tap on (INSTALL) and the box goes away, but nothing happens. It doesn’t actually install Unc0ver or any profiles.
    I already tried Clearing Safari Website Data etc.. with no effect.

  37. I have iOS and have the TweakBox app installed and trusted in my settings. When I go to install terraced apps, I press install, and nothing at all happens.

  38. When trying to download a app, the icon pops up and when it about to finish downloading, the app just goes dark and can’t be opened. Plz fix

  39. When trying to install apps, everything goes smoothly until I get a message UNABLE TO INSTALL
    Please try again later for every app I try to install. I’ve rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled it and I am left with blank placeholder TweakBox icons.

  40. Hello, I encountered such a problem when, when installing an application from tweakbox, the application icon appears and disappears immediately, what should I do?

  41. I cannot download GC4IOS, or any other apps from tweakbox for that matter. “It keeps saying unable to install [app]” Do you have a fix for that?

  42. I downloaded TweakBox last night for Spotify++ , had a little trouble but got the app working. Today, I couldn’t use the app because it was no longer verified, and nothing I did would change it. Did everything to fix it, even reset my phone to an old backup- no apps will download now, I just get the unable to install message.

  43. everytime i try to download CoC (clash of clans) it says “unable to install clash of clans hack”
    and also when i try to look to try verify the CoC does not come up and i dont know how to fix it, please help me.

  44. Every time I try to install an app off of tweakbox nothing happens, app doesn’t appear anywhere on my phone. I’ve tried rebooting and reinstalling the tweak box app but still nothing will install. Free app also don’t work .it send me to app store to paid.we are a lot of with the sMe problem .
    How do I fix this?
    It will be very appreaciated if you respon.

    Iphone se ios. 12.4.1

  45. I can’t get any third party app download to work including tweakbox it keeps saying unable to install right now please try again later Or for other apps crashing once I open them, I have tried deleting the app and then restarting my phone but it doesn’t work, please help!

  46. Their SSL certs expired (intermediary and user trust … their root CA cert is still valid). Maybe this has something to do with it?

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