WhatsApp Watusi TweakBox on iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak

Install WhatsApp Watusi on iOS without Jailbreak: Every now and then, new instant messaging apps are being introduced for both iOS and Android. One of the most downloaded apps among them is WhatsApp. It is almost impossible to find an iOS device without WhatsApp. With each update, the app is improvising the user interface and many more. However, there are many other features that the app needs to include. That is why we have WhatsApp Watusi which provides you with all the advanced features that you always wanted to have on the original version.

Now you can customize your favorite messaging app the way you like using WhatsApp Watusi for iOS. This is a modded version of WhatsApp and hence cannot be found on the Apple app store. You can download it easily from TweakBox. It is a great app installer which gives you access to all the modded, tweaked and paid apps for free. A simple way to get WhatsApp Watusi for iOS without jailbreak using TweakBox is given in this article. How about checking WhatsApp++ Download on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak with TweakBox App Now. Trust me, It’s a good read.


Features of WhatsApp Watusi for iOS

WhatsApp Watusi is a modified version of your favorite WhatsApp. Now, it is available on your iOS devices with many exciting features to give you a whole new experience. Given below are some of the unique features of this app.

  • You can set a password for the app, which lets you hide your chats.
  • The app also lets you disable the delivered, read and typing receipts.
  • You can customize the looks of the app. Themes, font size, style, and color can be changed according to your wish.
  • There is no limit while sending media contents to others. You can share any number of photos to your contacts.
  • The app will not even show that you are online unless you wish to share your online status.

These are some of the features that make it the best messaging app for your iOS. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download WhatsApp Watusi for iOS.

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How to Install WhatsApp Watusi For iOS using TweakBox

If you wish to get WhatsApp Watusi on iOS safely and without jailbreak, then the best option is to download it from TweakBox. You can find any app that is not available on Apple app store using this awesome app installer. Follow the steps given below to get WhatsApp Watusi for iOS easily.

  1. Firstly, you need to have TweakBox Installed on iOS. This link will help you to get it installed on your device now. Open the link using Safari browser and click on the Install option you find on the home page.
  2. When it is complete, go to Settings and tap on Profile & Device Management option. Turn on the Trust TweakBox option from the list that comes up.
  3. TweakBox is ready for use. Open it and search for WhatsApp Watusi. The app will be shown among the results.
    WhatsApp Watusi Download on iOS TweakBox
    WhatsApp Watusi Download on iOS
  4. Under the app icon, you will find the description and an Install option. Click on it and again click on Install from the confirmation window.
    Click on Install Watusi TweakBox
    Click on Install Watusi TweakBox
  5. The download process will begin. Once it is over, open the Settings and tap on Profile & Device Management. Trust WhatsApp Watusi from this and you are done!.
    Install WhatsApp Watusi on iPhone/iPad - TweakBox
    Install WhatsApp Watusi on iPhone/iPad – TweakBox

FAQ: WhatsApp Watusi on iOS

  • Is WhatsApp Watusi Safe ??

Being a long term WhatsApp user, I personally like to test all MOD versions of WhatsApp. After testing a lot of WhatsApp mod versions in terms of safety and enhanced features. So, WhatsApp Watusi is completely safe, but I would recommend you to take proper precautions like using a VPN to avoid any sudden bans from official WhatsApp.

  • Which one is Best Among Watusi, GBWhatsApp, and YoWhatsApp ??

I would personally recommend WhatsApp Watusi over GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp. I like best-enhanced features of this Watusi over other all MOD versions.

  • Do we need to Install WhatsApp Watusi via IPA files ??

No, We don’t need to use any Cydia method or Cydia Impactor method to install WhatsApp Watusi. We have a lot of third-party apps like TweakBox App, TuTuApp and AppValley to install WhatsApp Watusi for free and without any jailbreak.

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WhatsApp Watusi Download on iOS – Without Jailbreak (TweakBox App)

Now you can enjoy texting like never before using WhatsApp Watusi for iOS. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

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