How To Remove/Uninstall TweakBox App / Profile from iPhone/iPad (GUIDE)

iOS users who don’t wish to jailbreak their iPhone/iPad but want to enjoy the fantastic tweaks that jailbreak provides have to rely on third party App Stores that provide hacked, modified, tweaked and ++ iOS applications. Out of all such third party App Stores, TweakBox is the one that has got immense popularity and recognition under its belt. This is because the developers of TweakBox take utmost care to crawl the web looking for new apps and adding the same to TweakBox on a daily basis. Hence, the inventory of TweakBox is pretty huge and users can locate, almost, every 3rd party iOS application in TweakBox. Apart from providing hacked iOS applications, the 3rd party store also provides iOS applications, originally paid in the official store, absolutely, free of cost.

How To Remove or Uninstall TweakBox App / Profile from your iPhone/iPad

How To Remove or Uninstall TweakBox App / Profile from your iPhone/iPad

However, lately, users are reporting issues with TweakBox. Just like any other application, TweakBox also is prone to bugs and errors. TweakBox users, from all over the world have reported serious issues like application not installing, application crashing or no app available in TweakBox, TweakBox not working etc. Good news is that the developers of TweakBox are onto fixing these issues, however, it may take a significant amount of time. So, if you want to uninstall TweakBox till then, you can follow the steps mentioned in this guide. Must Read: WhatsApp++ for iOS | Download WhatsApp++ on iPhone/iPad (TweakBox).

How To Remove/Uninstall TweakBox from iOS [iPhone/iPad]

Another issue which TweakBox users are facing is that most of the applications downloaded from TweakBox are infected. This may impact their device in the long run. Hence, it is better to uninstall TweakBox from your iOS device. Below are the two methods which you can utilize to uninstall TweakBox from your iPhone/iPad. Please note that you can use either of them.

Method 1 -> Direct Uninstall

  • Please navigate to the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Locate the icon of TweakBox.
  • Long press the icon until all the icons go into ‘Wiggle’ mode.
  • You will notice a cross on the top-right of each application now.
  • Simply, tap the cross icon present on the top-right corner of the icon of TweakBox.

  • Thereafter, a pop-up will come up asking whether you wish to delete TweakBox. Please provide your confirmation for the same.
  • That’s it! You have successfully removed TweakBox from your iOS device.

Method 2 -> Profile Removal

  • This is an unusual method for uninstalling an application. However, a few iOS users prefer this as well.
  • Under this method, please launch Settings and navigate to General -> Profiles & Device Management.
  • Here you can locate the profile of TweakBox.
  • Simply, tap on the ‘Remove Profile’ button.
  • A pop-up will come up asking your confirmation for the same.

  • Tap on ‘Remove’ to confirm.
  • That’s it! You have successfully removed TweakBox from your iOS device.

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Uninstall TweakBox Application from iOS Device [iPhone/iPad]

So, these were the two methods through which you can easily uninstall/remove TweakBox application from your iOS device. If you have got any questions to ask, please feel free to put the same down in the comments section provided below.

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