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TweakBox is one of the first and the best app store alternatives that were released for iOS. With an astounding collection of third-party apps and games, TweakBox has always amused its users. It is a safe app installer that lets you install tweaked apps without jailbreaking the iOS devices. However, TweakBox recently faced a revoke from Apple which blocked the access of this awesome app store.

In order to provide you with third-party apps and games, we have come up with some of the alternatives for TweakBox. They are TutuApp, AppValley, AppEven, Panda Helper, TopStore, Ignition, CokernutX, Emus4u, PixiStore, etc. You will get to know more about them in this article. Check Out: [*Fixed] TweakBox Unable to Download, Install Apps & All Not Working Issues.


Download the Best Alternatives for TweakBox [ Latest]

Here we have briefed up the best alternatives of the TweakBox and you can check out these, but still, we recommend to use TweakBox on your iOS device as its the best. These Alternatives has it’s on flaws and pros, so let’s settle up with the topic now.


TutuApp is the most preferred app installer for installing third-party apps, games, etc on iOS devices. It was the first to come up with an alternative for app revokes. TutuApp Lite was released as a result of this.

tutuapp icon

It is a great way to download tweaked apps on your devices. It provides the safest interface to get third-party apps without jailbreak. You can download TutuApp using the link provided below (


AppValley was released at almost the same time as TweakBox and offers you great service ever since. It is well known for the amazing database of modded, tweaked and hacked apps it provides. The app installer is available on different device platforms.


It has a simple user interface which makes it easy to download third-party apps and games. You can install AppValley safely from (


AppEven installer is new in the market and is well known for the modified apps it provides. The app installer is yet to be improved. However, it provides you with fast and easy installation of third-party apps.

appeven icon

Also, it is lightweight, meaning it does not take up much space from the device storage. Use the trusted source provided to get AppEven easily. Download from here (

Panda Helper

If you are a gamer, then you should definitely have Panda Helper on your iOS. This app store mainly concentrates on providing you with third-party, hacked and modded games on iOS devices for free.

Panda Helper on IOS

You can get a vast collection of games from different game consoles on your iDevices with Panda Helper. Download from here: (


If you are looking for modded versions of your favorite apps, then TopStore is the perfect app store for your iDevice. You can install apps at the highest speed using TopStore. There are some limitations in the features offered as it is pretty new. New apps and games are being added every day.

Topstore on iOS devices

Go to the prescribed URL to download TopStore on iOS (


Ignition is the number one Cydia alternative ever launched. It offers you a great number of jailbreak apps like Electra jailbreak that provides semi-untethered jailbreak options.

Download Ignition App on iOS

This way, your device remains safe and you can enjoy all the features of a jailbroken iOS device without voiding the warranty. Here is the link to download Ignition.


CokernutX is the perfectly designed app store for iOS. It has a great inventory of apps. It also provides a simple and clean user interface that can be easily operated.

Cokernutx on iOS

The app store is completely safe and does not interfere with the iDevice in any way. You can get the updates easily using CokernutX. Download From here: (


Emus4u is the best source for you to get emulators on iOS. Whether it is game emulators, tweaked apps or hacked games, Emus4u ensures that you get them in the best quality.

Emus4u on iOSThere is a variety of emulators like Happy Chick, GBA4iOS, etc which can be downloaded safely using this app installer. You can install Emus4u from the link (


PixiStore is a great way to cope up with the revoke situation. This app installer is designed such that it can never be revoked. It is developed to use the Unique Identifier ID of your device while downloading third-party apps.

PixiStore on iOS

This way, the app profile will not get revoked. Check out PixiStore from (

TweakBox App – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

  • Which is the best alternative of TweakBox for Android?

TutuApp APK is recommended based on the safety and database of the app.

  • Is TweakBox virus-free?

Yes, TweakBox is safe to use and free of any errors or virus.

  • How to get Cydia without jailbreak?

TweakBox and similar app installers have replaced Cydia. You can get third-party apps without jailbreak and hence, there is no need for Cydia on iOS.

  • Which is the best TweakBox alternative?

The whole list of the best alternative app stores is provided above for you to choose from.

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Conclusion : Download the Best Alternatives of Tweakbox (Latest)

The main features of the best TweakBox alternatives are provided in this article. You can choose the most suitable one according to your needs. By using alternative app stores like TutuApp, AppValley, AppEven, Ignition, Emus4u, TopStore, CokernutX, PixiStore, Panda Helper, etc, you can enjoy third-party apps without worrying about certificate revokes. Also, they offer an awesome pile of mods, tweaks, and hacked apps, games, emulators, etc. All these alternative app installers are safe and free to use.

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